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MMORPG Advertising website is under construction. Below you can read some reviews about well known game advertising agencies. Some might be outdated, if so we appologise. The content of this site will be fully reorganized soon.


Some of our projects:


  • Browser MMORPG
    High traffic games portal dedicated to browser mmorpg games. Features custom made platform with lots of innovative features.

  • Top Online MMORPG
    Similar toplist like but targeted on a wider sort of game related websites

  • BXMMO - NEW!
  • Our latest baner exchange project, also fully dedicated to MMO games.



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Rating: 4/5

GAO is the large scale performance-focused
advertising solution for online games. Our network
reaches 100+ websites visited by millions of 15-35
year old affluent gamers. We offer transparent
self-service tools, managed campaigns, and
cutting-edge revenue tracking technology.

- trusted company
– good communication
– very large traffic, over 65million montly gamers
- dedicated selection of gaming sites
– clean traffic for games

- high prices ($0.15-$0.50)
– easy to consume large amounts on nothing if not careful
– banners need to be uploaded and confirmed manually by them

Good points: This one is huge. It works with companies such as bigpoint, gameforge, evony, I got games, and many more of the big sharks. It is able to run large campains and provide high amounts of daily visitors, if you are willing to bid a little over the others.
Bad points: In the many years i worked with them the prices only went up, regardless of the market, which makes me think they have a system to do it on purpose. If you are careful and spend small amounts and watch what is going on, then you can get very good registration rates with this one. If you don’t care and put in a lot of money and you don’t look over how they get distributed, you can lose lots bigtime.
Quality of registered members: Overall this company sent in some of the best users. It matters a lot what websites you pick out of their list, but overall it turned out good to me.



Rating: 2/5

Ad2Games is a German company specialized in game advertising. Their publisher list is impressive.


- public site list


- needs special confirmation to pay by paypal
– high minimum funds, makes it hard to test if you are uncertain or low on budget
– very low registrations rate

Good points: You can select the sites you want to publish your ads on
Bad points: One of the worst places i ever advertised. I got a CPA price of 16EURO. If you are not careful with the site selection interface and select them all, you will get your ad placed on a lot of crap sites. There are also good sites in their list, but most are not. Probably if you select them one by one you could get good quality traffic, i didn’t.
Quality of registered members: None, simply because there were just 3 users for 50Euro.



Over the time i tried many advertising agencies. Started initialy with Google adsense, its nice because they pay by western and its very handy in some situations.

One of the agencies i tried recently is
They offer an initial share that might look low (50%) but their games pay really well. If you have the traffic I am sure they are open to negociate the share.

Good parts:

- pays well
- outstanding communication, phone call 5 minutes after i sent them email.
- You get assigned to an operator and he provides really useful info on whats going on with your ads.
- big games
- nice ads
- You can install a single script then manage what banners run on that zone from within their interface, thats very useful because you can swap banners quick based on income stats
- deals. Sometimes they offer private deals, that pay double than normal. This is depending on how much they lower their profit share depending on how much they need one or the other game pushed forward.

Bad parts:

- sometimes some campaigns stop paying, you get notified via an email but the banners still run.
- If you are not active in banner management , income drops slowly as some campaigns run out
- Interface could be a bit better, but i saw a lot worse anyway
- their autoselection is not aiming to generate highest income. I dont know if this is intentional or not, but i know i achieved a lot better results when picking the games to advertise myself.

I did an experiment, and from 30Eur income, on same site, i managed to get 700Eur just by selecting best paying games and watching stats they offer. The info is really there if you look.





Rating: 5/5


Advertise Game is a advertising network dedicated to the gaming industry, both for advertisers and publishers.

- low prices ($0.008)
– fast deployment
– simple
– large traffic

- uncertain quality of the sites
– global stats and ads management could be better
– limited ad sizes available, not even the most used

Good points: Due to the interface, it is easy to spend as much as you had in mind. It wont suck all your funds if you are not careful. The sent traffic is decent, but I do not like to work blindly not knowing on what sites my ads are distributed. They provide country filters too.

Bad points: There is no way to see an aproximation of traffic on a selected chanel or country bsaed on your bid. The interface is great for individual ads, but when it comes to a centralised management of a campaign , like for example to load your expired ads with funds all together, it is terrible.

Quality of registered members: During the periods I advertised with them, the registered members did not seem too interested or to active. I found a high percentage of inactive registrations and abandoned accounts, if compared to how the situation looks when advertising on a targeted site. However, i experienced much worse than this, so overall this is a good place to get cheap and acceptable targeted traffic for your game.



Rating: 3/5

AdvertiseYourGame is a game advertising company that evolved visibly since i first worked with them.


- good prices
– targeted traffic


- interface is confusing
– unknwon site list

Good points: I got decent prices with them and the conversions were fine, but could be better. With more care on the interface and the info, this site could get a lot better.
Bad points: It is very confusing to use their interface , update your ads or manage campaigns. The lack of a public site list makes me go blindly and i don’t like that very much. They also have publisher account option and I worked with them as a publisher and all was fine. They give bonus for using the publisher funds in the advertiser account (convert them), and that proved to be very efficient.
Quality of registered members: Most were kids, non paying members, manga adicts (not what i needed), but overall they were active, compared to other sources.